Full Circle Photography
Wedding, Portrait, Headshot, & Pet Photography by Colleen Joy Kucera


Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Pages, and Etsy have made it essential for small business owners to come out from behind their desks and be the face for their own enterprises.  Think back in your web browsing life.  How many times have you seen a headshot that was clearly taken with an iPhone, or cropped out from a group photograph?  How did that make you feel as a consumer?  Did it breed trust in the services you were shopping for?  Did it make you feel comfortable paying someone for professional services when they did not invest in professional photography themselves?  If these are questions that have affected you, believe that these are the questions that go through your customer’s mind when they’re looking at your social media sites and web page. 

Headshot photography is not only about social media.  There are actors, writers, and comedians who need that additional lift in their careers.  Trust that a photography company with a full studio and outdoor portrait capability can provide a diverse entertainment portfolio.  Get the attention you deserve.   

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